Tuesday, May 10, 2005

cabbages and kings

today smells like rain-soaked irises and river water. i realized that the title of my last post could also allude to amelie; a dreamer meets suicidal determination. skipping stones, i carry on...

Dear Mr. President,

Have you ever noticed that every place in the world has a different smell? I smelled decaying marigolds and ash in India, rose-scented miracles and dried blood in El Salvador, and clear water running over mossy gnomes in Austria. I am from Texas too, and our farm smells like hay bleached by August sun and pondwater scattered with pine needles.

This morning I opened my window at dawn and burned incense on the ledge. Now my apartment smells like India a little bit. Just a little bit.

I lied in something I said above. The suburbs all smell the same. And even worse than People Forgetting, is that people are Beginning Not to Notice.

What does the White House smell like? What does Baghdad smell like?

Ann Crews


Anonymous Anonymous said...

i don't know what rain-soaked irises smell like, but i liked your letter. it reminded me of that quote, the fake flowers in the bathtub. do you remember it? something like...

"was it senility or [compassion?] that caused my grandmother to drown artificial flowers in the bathtub"


10:59 AM  

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