Wednesday, May 04, 2005

forty two

so i saw 'hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy' yesterday. i would recommend, particularly to the quirky-science-fiction-british-humor-meaning-of-the-universe disposed, but then what movie that begins with the end of the world wouldn't find its way into my heart?

okay, i can think of a few.

but speaking of, i am now officially in love with mos def, whose alien congeniality and rad presence (and attire) made the movie worth watching in itself. i was disappointed that the movie stuck to the gender stereotypes from the book, and still referred to species of the galaxy as 'races'--ironic that this human construction seemed to persist even after the earth was decimated. but then, maybe that's how it goes. perhaps even the end of the world will not bring about the beloved community, after all.

one final note, there is a scene parodying a religious service featuring john malkovich that is grrreat. made me further reflect on the absurdity of christianity, especially with our humanocentric construction of the deity. if jesus came to save humans, and indeed was human, but there are other beings in the universe (not to mention other beings on earth), then is he truly saviour of all? i rather think not.

then again, maybe humans are the evilest species yet, and most in need of enlightenment...but i'll opt for dolphins over crucifixes any day.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Some interesting points here, but as I understand the idea of salvation; Jesus was the infusion of light back into a fallen planet. Or as C.S. lewis referred to it, "Thulcandra," the silent planet. It cut itself off from the rest of the universe as it became "bent." In essence then, Jesus was the beginning of redemption for not just humans, but also for the "powers and prinicipalities" in this arrogant and proud little poop stain of a planet.

Of course, I could be totally wrong about all this.

a wandering hermit

9:57 AM  

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