Tuesday, June 28, 2005

clever with heart

this morning on the bus i saw a baby with worried, tired eyes. babies shouldn't look like that. i used to think that staring into the eyes of an infant is as close as we can come to understanding god. perhaps god is worried and tired too...or maybe that's just me, projecting myself onto deity. again.

anyone checked out mix tape by thurston moore?

about all i can do these days is cling to things that make me laugh, even about the sad state of the world. i read an article about grist magazine--which intertwines clever puns and jokes into environmental news--that the founder ended up inserting his punch drunk humor as a last resort before releasing the first issue, more out of fatigue than strategy. because all environmental news these days is bad. so why not laugh sometimes too.

in that spirit, here are a few things i recommend. not always light and fluffy but know how to poke fun at the more damaging things about life. feel free to add to my list (note: daily show, so obvious, need not be listed. plus i don't have tv):

grist magazine--sign up for weekly headlines. kristy originally tricked me into registering for a free trip to iceland. turns out bjork doesn't live there anymore.

eddie izzard, who deserves canonization in my decentralized book. you can rent his standup (in my order of preference): dressed to kill, glorious, circle

the yes men--documentary about pranksters who put on fake lectures/presentations, posing as WTO representatives. clever with heart.

i heart huckabees--existential crisis meets its other. that scene where naomi watts is in the bonnet and falls over like a neanderthal...

larknews.com--the onion meets jesus, or, depending on your triune image of choice, spirit meets satire.

for the record, i intentionally left david cross off this list. no web link for you! smile everyone.

Friday, June 24, 2005

checking my pulse

so everyone is still holding their breath to see what happens in chiapas...but a bit of the fog has cleared. to read all four recent EZLN communiques and analysis, visit left turn mag's article collection.


meanwhile, sorting out various ailments, i've borrowed books on holistic medicine and homeopathy and spent a small fortune on herbs at my friendly natural health food store across the alley. my psychic energy has long been out of alignment...so i am focusing on eating right and chilling out, but wishful for the day when i can drink beer again. it sucks that we have all of these medical specialists, but cannot so easily parcel ourselves out to sit in various waiting rooms. my whole self needs attention. i'm not christian scientist (with nods to mary baker eddy and the monitor) but do believe the body has the power to heal itself in most cases. if only faith were that simple....the story of job is not so profound if you are unsure that there is a god to rescue you.

god is there. may this be a lesson...

p.s. the subject references alix olson, for those who wish to be further enlightened.

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

zapatista red milk alert

last night i went to vipassana meditation, and could hardly sit because of the tension in my back and shoulders. puts a whole new spin on embodied spirituality (in my case, anxiety) and the need to be able to rest in the present.

i will continue working on that, but to add to my anxiety ridden self, subcomandante marcos just released a communique from the EZLN, stating that the zapatistas have declared a red alert in chiapas, are closing their offices in the autonomous communities, shutting down the radio, and bidding farewell to their friends. speculations abound--increased mexican government repression, and preparation for an armed insurgency?? while this news would normally be disturbing enough, i am (was) supposed to spend four weeks in oventik this fall. kind of puts a kink in my plans. until we find out what's going on, i'll light a candle next to my zapatista doll, juan carlos...

Friday, June 17, 2005

the calluses on your feet will protect you

I just got this anthology from the nation, and while reading the following poem, thought (or rather felt) a quote from emily dickinson that describes true poetry as that which makes your head feel blown off and send shivers up and down your spine. Where I come from, they say that's the feeling you get when someone walks over your grave. I wonder, does that refer to the cemetery of life present or lives past? experiencing death in the moment, cemetery of nontime?

Two Views of a Cadaver Room


The day she visited the dissecting room
They had four men laid out, black as burnt turkey,
Already half unstrung. A vinegary fume
Of the death vats clung to them;
The white-smocked boys started working.
The head of his cadaver had caved in,
And she could scarcely make out anything
In that rubble of skull plates and old leather.

In their jar the snail-nosed babies moon and glow.
He hands her the cut-out heart like a cracked heirloom.


In Breughel's panorama of smoke and slaughter
Two people only are blind to the carrion army:
He, afloat in the sea of her blue satin
Skirts, sings in the direction
Of her bare shoulder, while she bends,
Fingering a leaflet of music, over him,
Both of them deaf to the fiddle in the hands
Of the death's-head shadowing their song.
These Flemish lovers flourish; not for long.

Yet desolation, stalled in paint, spares the little country
Foolish, delicate, in the lower right hand corner.

-sylvia plath, the nation, january 30, 1960

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

shiva linga!

i am back. not quite from the dead, but from a spell spent under the weather and over the mountains of the adirondacks. (okay, poor play on words. did any of you presbyterians ever wonder why pun is not an acronym, like pow instead?) speaking of presbyterians and the predominantly white ecojustice movement, i spent the last weekend with Presbyterians for Restoring Creation. great conference on the whole--rainstorms on lake george, poetry workshops, and keynote speaker vandana shiva, who is about as rad as a person can get. she spoke about water privatization, and basically predicts that the world as we know it will end within the next ten years. we cannot sustain this global-capital-driven way of life, in which our laws now trump human rights with the right to wealth and profit. but, enough preaching to the choir, read her books or ask me if you want more details. i was astounded by the calm sense and spiritual-esque detachment with which she predicted the end of life as we know it.

story of the weekend, a crew of us drove over to this conference from jamaica plain. as we were passing saratoga springs around midnight, which happened to be dan's birthday, kristy said "i think i've been to a bar around here..." so we detoured off the interstate about 20 minutes, and driving through the forest eventually arrived at a street overstrewn with drunk younglings (note star wars reference, fran). so we promptly joined in and toasted the journey with our kamikazes. kind of prophetic symbolism now that i think about it.

final word: red milk, suspended indefinitely issue coming soon. last chance to contribute.