Friday, June 24, 2005

checking my pulse

so everyone is still holding their breath to see what happens in chiapas...but a bit of the fog has cleared. to read all four recent EZLN communiques and analysis, visit left turn mag's article collection.

meanwhile, sorting out various ailments, i've borrowed books on holistic medicine and homeopathy and spent a small fortune on herbs at my friendly natural health food store across the alley. my psychic energy has long been out of i am focusing on eating right and chilling out, but wishful for the day when i can drink beer again. it sucks that we have all of these medical specialists, but cannot so easily parcel ourselves out to sit in various waiting rooms. my whole self needs attention. i'm not christian scientist (with nods to mary baker eddy and the monitor) but do believe the body has the power to heal itself in most cases. if only faith were that simple....the story of job is not so profound if you are unsure that there is a god to rescue you.

god is there. may this be a lesson...

p.s. the subject references alix olson, for those who wish to be further enlightened.


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