Tuesday, June 28, 2005

clever with heart

this morning on the bus i saw a baby with worried, tired eyes. babies shouldn't look like that. i used to think that staring into the eyes of an infant is as close as we can come to understanding god. perhaps god is worried and tired too...or maybe that's just me, projecting myself onto deity. again.

anyone checked out mix tape by thurston moore?

about all i can do these days is cling to things that make me laugh, even about the sad state of the world. i read an article about grist magazine--which intertwines clever puns and jokes into environmental news--that the founder ended up inserting his punch drunk humor as a last resort before releasing the first issue, more out of fatigue than strategy. because all environmental news these days is bad. so why not laugh sometimes too.

in that spirit, here are a few things i recommend. not always light and fluffy but know how to poke fun at the more damaging things about life. feel free to add to my list (note: daily show, so obvious, need not be listed. plus i don't have tv):

grist magazine--sign up for weekly headlines. kristy originally tricked me into registering for a free trip to iceland. turns out bjork doesn't live there anymore.

eddie izzard, who deserves canonization in my decentralized book. you can rent his standup (in my order of preference): dressed to kill, glorious, circle

the yes men--documentary about pranksters who put on fake lectures/presentations, posing as WTO representatives. clever with heart.

i heart huckabees--existential crisis meets its other. that scene where naomi watts is in the bonnet and falls over like a neanderthal...

larknews.com--the onion meets jesus, or, depending on your triune image of choice, spirit meets satire.

for the record, i intentionally left david cross off this list. no web link for you! smile everyone.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

if you're into politics, the most obvious is wonkette.com... making even the most boring political news satirical and funny. mostly at the federal level, though.

hangingstranger.blogspot.com... latest post, he notes the difference between negotiating with terrorists and "negotiating with terrorists" according to john ashcroft. clever.

not sure how much heart these guys have (besides that they wouldn't spend so much time on it if they didn't care), but it does the job of making bad news funny.


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