Tuesday, June 14, 2005

shiva linga!

i am back. not quite from the dead, but from a spell spent under the weather and over the mountains of the adirondacks. (okay, poor play on words. did any of you presbyterians ever wonder why pun is not an acronym, like pow instead?) speaking of presbyterians and the predominantly white ecojustice movement, i spent the last weekend with Presbyterians for Restoring Creation. great conference on the whole--rainstorms on lake george, poetry workshops, and keynote speaker vandana shiva, who is about as rad as a person can get. she spoke about water privatization, and basically predicts that the world as we know it will end within the next ten years. we cannot sustain this global-capital-driven way of life, in which our laws now trump human rights with the right to wealth and profit. but, enough preaching to the choir, read her books or ask me if you want more details. i was astounded by the calm sense and spiritual-esque detachment with which she predicted the end of life as we know it.

story of the weekend, a crew of us drove over to this conference from jamaica plain. as we were passing saratoga springs around midnight, which happened to be dan's birthday, kristy said "i think i've been to a bar around here..." so we detoured off the interstate about 20 minutes, and driving through the forest eventually arrived at a street overstrewn with drunk younglings (note star wars reference, fran). so we promptly joined in and toasted the journey with our kamikazes. kind of prophetic symbolism now that i think about it.

final word: red milk, suspended indefinitely issue coming soon. last chance to contribute.


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