Tuesday, June 21, 2005

zapatista red milk alert

last night i went to vipassana meditation, and could hardly sit because of the tension in my back and shoulders. puts a whole new spin on embodied spirituality (in my case, anxiety) and the need to be able to rest in the present.

i will continue working on that, but to add to my anxiety ridden self, subcomandante marcos just released a communique from the EZLN, stating that the zapatistas have declared a red alert in chiapas, are closing their offices in the autonomous communities, shutting down the radio, and bidding farewell to their friends. speculations abound--increased mexican government repression, and preparation for an armed insurgency?? while this news would normally be disturbing enough, i am (was) supposed to spend four weeks in oventik this fall. kind of puts a kink in my plans. until we find out what's going on, i'll light a candle next to my zapatista doll, juan carlos...


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