Friday, July 15, 2005

how am i not myself?

yes kyrt, we will engage in pure being. you first.

hmm, there is a message by my alterego posted as a guest columnist on kelsey's blog. she also bid me a fond farewell and spilled our plans about playing atari all day in our bathrobes. i have not given up the dream. i wonder if they have atari in the bahamas.

i'm packing up my life. and i promise i really will get the paper zine out soon.

"the radical is that unique person who actually believes what she says. she is that person to whom the common good is the greatest personal value. she is that person who genuinely and completely believes in humankind. the radical is so completely identified with humankind that she personally shares the pain, the injustices, and the sufferings of her fellow humans. for the radical the bell tolls unceasingly, and every human's struggle is her fight."
-saul alinsky [edited by me]


Blogger Noelle said...

Thanks for writing on Network Notes, Ann... I wish I'd asked you to blog more over the months. Your post was much more pithy than my ramblings.

I'll bookmark Leche Roja so I can keep up more often. Oh yeah, when you go to the Bahamas to play Atari, can you kidnap me and take me with you?? Please?

9:25 AM  

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