Wednesday, August 24, 2005

stop being perfect

For friends of me (which you can all consider yourselves), there’s been a slight change of plans. I’m no longer leaving the country for Zapatista territory, but may soon be traversing Asia’s good earth. Kelsey and I co-authored an essay about Christian feminist organizational models that’s being published by the Association for Women’s Rights in Development (AWID), which will be presented in Thailand at AWID’s international forum in October. Putting meekness aside, I guess you could say we will soon be internationally renowned.

In the meantime, a new acquaintance through my Mexico connections writes for Left Turn Magazine, and I highly highly recommend reading her reflections on their blog. Kristin is studying at the Oventic language school in Chiapas, which I hope to see someday:

“The promotores utilize a variety of educational tools: songs, dance, conversation, movies, walks in the woods, and classes on rocks in the river. They have exceptional knowledge of linguistics that is both poetic and revolutionary. In one of our first classes, we learned that "el 'problema' es masculino, pero la 'solucion' es feminina." When the more advanced class learned the subjunctive verb tense, they discussed a theory that only imperialist languages have subjunctives, which they force on the people they attempt to conquer.”

Sign me up. Although it looks like a strong wind will be carrying me to the East Coast just about the time the leaves begin to turn. Perfection is tossed to the wind as my plans crumble, but I suspect to find a new redemptive force igniting the leaves as they fall, turning them to ash before reaching the ground. Thus I dance through the gales and move delicately onward…

“Deixa a vida me levar (let life lead me)…” -Zeca Pagodinho


Anonymous eek said...

Hey, congratulations! Sounds like a nifty change of plans.

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