Wednesday, September 28, 2005

don't wanna be kate

warning: i've been trying to not think about saving the world everyday. what follows may be a bit of a departure, but is nonetheless, for better or worse, an expression of me.

ok, i'll admit, i have a fascination with kate moss. waif. supermodel. mom. the originator of heroin chic. during my latest move i recycled an entire folder i'd filled with pictures of kate ripped from magazines--to serve what purpose, i'm not sure. something about her keeps me transfixed.

backtrack. this summer several friends and i got into an argument about kate's newest beau, pete doherty, uk rock and roll bad boy. sid and nancy all over again, only nancy wears chanel. so our argument concerned the appeal of this drugged out babyshambles icon--did we think he was sexy or not, and if so, why can't we find partners with that edgy sex appeal who in reality, well, aren't quite that edgy?

anyway, kate's been caught. glamorous as always, but this time with a fiver up her nose doing lines. not that this comes as any surprise, but she's been dropped by three major campaigns after the photos broke. a well-written article can be found here. it mentions the ironies of the fashion industry--how we expect models to be glamorous, and drugs are glamorous, and we expect models to be thin, and drugs make you thin, but in an industry all about image, models must apparently tread the line (get it), projecting glamour but not THAT much glamor. at least, not when there's a camera phone nearby.

i don't know how i feel about this--obviously there are many problems with the body types we idealize and expectations placed on women who choose fashion as a profession--but at the same time, i guess i wish people would give kate a break. i remember reading an article after she checked into rehab the first time, about how basically she was depressed. glamour breeds depression? that's nothing new. i can't imagine how isolated i would feel, travelling between runway shows and ad campaigns in an industry based on surface appearance. for once i am not being sarcastic. what do you talk about at cocktail parties? certainly not politics and religion.

maybe my compassion is a bit misplaced, but i'll stand by it. check back when i'm in a better mood for a rant against the wealth of aesthetics and how our art and fashion scenes epitomize the class war. (or, check out adbusters' art fart issue). for now, i'm just sad i won't be seeing kate as often when i open my next issue of....wouldn't you like to know.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

pete doherty is sexy and amazing, not least because he is a teensy bit ugly. but glamorous he is, in that nice behind-the-mainstream sort of way.

i don't know about kate. everything you said, yes. but she seems to have a little something about her that indicates realization about what the drugs+glamour thing does to a person. does that make her tragic, or someone who runs away?

pete still seems to have the innocence, or obliviousness, or whatever you call it to make our reality the stupid one.


9:40 AM  
Blogger EEK! said...

As far as edgy druggie bad boys go, Pete Doherty is pretty bush-league, if you ask me. It's all about the face, and his is kinda mushy.

3:12 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

An open letter to the world:

Did you ever think just possibly
Your ideals are a twisted philosophy
From a man in a suit who loves currency
Or a woman who is called instability

-Davy Baysinger c.1997

A wandering hermit

1:36 PM  

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